LG GW300 Software Upgrade / Flashing Tutorial

If you are LG GW300 users and have a problem with it ( software problem ) like Auto Shutdown AKA Restarting, Hanging or stuck, now you can repair it for free.
Ok, let startded..,

Tools & Materials

  1. Original Usb data cable, compatible with Nokia CA-101 Usb data cable
  2. Software updater / flasher ( GSMMULTI V3.0 ).  click here to downlod
  3. LG GW300 Firmware click here to download

    Step by Step

    1. Download & Extract LG GW300 Flasher
    2. Execute / Install SETUP_GSMULTI_V30, and then  C:\GSMULTI  folder will be created
    3. Find MultiGSM_V30.exe on C:\GSMULTI folder, then right click, send to desktop
    4. Execute / Install Setup_USB_PortMapping_04.exe, and the result will be stored in C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK
    5. Connect phone ( in power off condition ) to PC via Usb data cable, wait until detected by PC
    6. When PC asking for driver, go to C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK, wait until driver installed
    7. Open MultiGSM_V30.exe ( at desktop ), go to Tab Setting ==> Configuration.                      For DLL, choose GW300_090625.dll at LG GW300 Flasher folder, for S/W file choose LG GW300 Firmware. For other setting don't changed
    8. Final step.., just click on START button and wait untill all process done / pass.

    11 comments to "LG GW300 Software Upgrade / Flashing Tutorial"

    • Tried this software with Windows 7 Professinal 64 bit and didnt work for me.Anyone else with success with Win 7 etc.? For NZ

    • The problem is that i can't install the driver :(.
      I'm trying to fix it.

    • Dear friends....I tried up to installation, then i connected mobile to PC via USB cable. But it's not detected or not asking for drive... Please HELP ME!!!!! :(

    • What's the problem with your phone bro..??
      totally dead..?? hang..?? or restarting..??

    • This guide missing 1 step, between 7 and 8 .
      You need to execute usbmap_v04.exe in folder c:\gsmulti , choose mtk then mapping start and save. After that follow step 8.

    • Nice..., thanks for the corrections bro...,
      see here.., http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/6835820-post20.html

    • 1.i maked all what is write there+the step between 7 and 8,i pressed start and down at current state spoke "writing" and at usb1:wait phone connecting ; i waited 1h and nothing.HELP ME please:(
      When i want u turn on the mobile say:OUT OF BATTERY :((

    • it's done i make whit help by a tutorial.he want the tutorial add in yahoo messenger alexmen_1994 and i will send the document with pictures.for free!i'm so happy because in 5h i make'it.bye

    • klo usb gak kedetek terus gmn kang

    • posisi handphone hank

    • Udah di mapping dulu kang...???

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