Nokia C3 Full LCD Ways

Hello..,  Assalamualaikum..,
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Nokia C3 full LCD ways / tracks :
X2400 is display connector that have 24 pin, Ok I'll describes a little about that.

  • Pin 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,19,20,21,22,24 is track directly from CPU IC / JUNO / D2800.
  • Pin 7,16,17,18 is Ground / Gnd
  • Pin 8 is RESX track.., this is going through R2471 and JUNO IC
  • Pin 9 is VDDI track..,this is going through C2400 and VIO( LOVIISA/Power Management IC )
  • Pin 10 is VDD track.,this going through C2401 and VAUX (LOVIISA/Power Management IC )
  • Pin 11 & 14 is Not Connected track.., just ignore it.
  • Pin 12 is VLED+ track, this is going through C2302, L2302 and then N2301( LED Regulator ) 
  • Pin 13 is VLED- track,  this is going through R2421 and N2301  ( LED Regulator ) 
  • Pin 23 is D/CX track, this going through R2470 and JUNO IC

For further explanation.., see picture below :
click to enlarge

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