How To Flash Samsung Sgh-E250i Using Z3X

How To Flash Samsung Sgh-E250i Using Z3X

Tools & Materials :

  1. Z3X Box with Samsung Module Activated
  2. Z3X V804-043 RJ45 Cable
Step By Step :

  1. Open Samsung 2G Tool
  2. Pick Samsung E250i model
  3. Pick Z3X Com Port Properly
  4. Check & Insert Imei Number on Imei box
  5. Insert Bin/Cla File
  6. Insert Tfs File
  7. Click " Firmware " on Write area
  8. Connect phone to cable ( with battery )
  9. Press power on shortly
  10. Wait untill procees done
here's the log operations :
Selected model: E250I
Selected com port: COM34
Selected speed port: 921600
Please, connect phone and press shortly power button
Phone Detected
Sending loader1... OK
ARM version 3B11
Sending loader2... OK
Flash ID: 00EC2206000100000014
Start TFS format... OK
Start NOR flash
NOR flash - ok
Start Flash TFS
Mount TFS - ok
Create DIR - ok
TFS flash - ok
Download - ok
Elapsed time: 702 second, sw ver: 3.4.0071

How To Flash Samsung Sgh-E250i Using Z3X

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