Nokia BB5 ENO Firmware Pack Download

Nokia BB5 ENO Firmware Pack Download

BB5 ENO Firmware Pack Download

What is ENO software:

ENO software handles all basic functions inside the device. It is required to be flashed into the device when Combo Memory is Changed due to by some wrong operations like; Downgrade Phone wrongly, Flash with wrong Firmware, Erase Phone with wrong file or Phone is on White or Blank display.

After flash with ENO Firmware your phone will be normalized and then you simply flash again with correct firmware package, select any product code according to your choice and press Flash button.
How to flash ENO file:

- Select file as MCU place and make flash without PPM CNT files.

ALL latest ENO firmwares can be downloaded from here:

  1. Nokia 3110c RM-237
  2. Nokia 5310 RM-303
  3. Nokia 5320d RM-409
  4. Nokia 5320d-1b RM-417
  5. Nokia 5630d-1 RM-431
  6. Nokia 5700 RM-230
  7. Nokia 5800d RM-356
  8. Nokia 6124c-1 RM-422
  9. Nokia 6210s RM-367
  10. Nokia 6220c RM-328
  11. Nokia 6220c-5 RM-387
  12. Nokia 6300 Rm-217
  13. Nokia 6500c RM-265
  14. Nokia 7210c RM-436
  15. Nokia E51 RM-244
  16. Nokia E52 RM-481
  17. Nokia E55 RM-482
  18. Nokia E63-1 RM-437
  19. Nokia E66 RM-343
  20. Nokia E71-5 RM-493
  21. Nokia E71 RM-346
  22. Nokia E72 RM-530
  23. Nokia E75 RM-412
  24. Nokia N79 RM-348
  25. Nokia N79 RM-350
  26. Nokia N81 Rm-179
  27. Nokia N81 RM-223
  28. Nokia N82 RM-313
  29. Nokia N85 RM-333
  30. Nokia N85-1 RM-334
  31. Nokia N86 RM-484
  32. Nokia N86-5 RM-485
  33. Nokia N958GB RM-320
  34. Nokia N95 RM-159
  35. Nokia N97 RM-505
  36. Nokia N97 RM-506
  37. Nokia N97 RM-507
  38. Nokia N97mini RM-555
  39. Nokia N97mini RM-553

Download Pack Part 1
Download Pack Part 2

Download 5530 ENO Firmware

Nokia BB5 ENO Firmware Pack Download

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  • I've lost the Arabic language in my Nokia E71 mobile phone after get its software updated. I need to replace the code to ME then I can update it again to retrieve Arabic Lang.
    Kindly advice "how to do so?"

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