How To Perform Screen Capture On Samsung Galaxy Mini

How To Perform Screen Capture On Samsung Galaxy Mini

Performing screen capture on Samsung galaxy Mini S5570 without rooting and software, follow the steps below :

  1. Pick the picture that you want capture
  2. Press and hold back button
  3. Press center / home button, then you can hear capture sound and release button.
  4. Screen captured saved as image file at SD Card/ScreenCapture directory.

How To Perform Screen Capture On Samsung Galaxy Mini

41 comments to "How To Perform Screen Capture On Samsung Galaxy Mini"

  • And how if want to canceled it???
    please send me your answer as soon as you can.

  • Hi dear jae Jung..,
    Once you capture the screen, you can't cancel it..,
    but you can delete it.
    use Astro File manager, go to SDcard/screen capture directory

    good luck

  • thanks.

  • whats the back button? can we do this with the samsung corby2

  • gracias hombre eres la leche

  • Thanks body...
    i want to give a big thanks for this information.
    1. I want to know also how to use USB mass storage in Samsung Galaxy Mini
    2. Can i use my broadband in my phone?
    3. What is VPN setting, USB tethering and Mobile AP and why we use?

    i think you give me a response soon with satisfy result.


  • You're welcome..,

    1. You must open Samsung KIES to use USB mass storage.

    2. Yes of course you can

    3. VPN setting : set up your phone to connect to your VPN ( virtual Private Network )

    4. Usb tethering and mobile ap : to use your phone as modem


  • Thanks body... this phone is awesome...
    And also thanks for such a wonderful information..
    but how can i use broadband in my phone without use Wifi. pls tell about any other option. And how VPN setting create with which options.

  • lovely thanks

  • thankss a lot..!!

    becouse of your infomation now i know how great my phone is.

  • Why does my Samsung galaxy mini keeps on rotating/ going on landscape view even if im not rotating it

  • Hello CamCam....,
    Disable auto rotate..,
    or try to perform the hard reset...,

  • It works, but unfortunately for me, it says "You can't make the screenshoot. Try again" why? I tried with a game, with twitter, with everything..

  • Hello Shamsi...,
    Try to restart your phone first...,

  • Doesn't work. When I'm pressing the center-button, nothing happens.

  • Hello MansonDust...,

    Press & hold back button first, then press center button..,

    good luck

  • I guess this does work from the comments, but mine just brings up a list of recent programs as soon as I hit the middle button. Anything to do with the fact that I bought the phone in Asia (though it's legit not a fake)? Or am I just not doing this most basic task properly..

  • How do I take screenshot? I upgraded my samsung s5570 to gingerbread 2.3.4, Please answer me back.

  • Hello troy..,
    My galaxy mini now is running on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and this trick is not working.
    this trick is working only on android 2.2.1 Froyo.

  • thank you very much.. useful....

  • I am at andriod 2.3.4 but screen capture is not working. help pls??

  • Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Hello Anonymous...,
    Yes, This trick does't work on Gingerbread.

    Use Screenshot it app from market..,

  • how to perform screen capture on samsung galaxy mini?

  • hey i need help..i cannot connect my phone to my gmail account. ive tried logging in from youtube but dosent work either,any suggestions?

  • This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • To make a screenshot on galaxy mini you now have to press and hold center/home button and then press the button on the right side (one who shutdown the phone.

  • how can i update my galaxy mini from froyo to gingerbread 2.3.5? is their any official site from where i can download gingerbread??

  • awesome trick!!!!! thx a lot

  • why isn't it working for me? i have a samsung galaxy mini, and i do what say, but it doesn't working ? the backround 1 is just coming back -.- what should i do ?
    sorry for my english, im swedish, answer me please :)

  • hey, thanks, but it doesn't work for me. i have done it one time befor, but i was half asleep and i don't remember, so i have one screen capture in my images. but now it doesn't WORK AT ALL!? D:

  • Hello Anonymous...,
    What version your galaxy mini now..??
    this trick work only on Android 2.2 Froyo,
    and didn't work on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.


  • hey man,
    I got question i got samsing mini s5570 and i got in pocket last day i checked some pictures and i saw screencapture. ( it means then sreen are mayde by them selve). And now im tying this thing and it doenst work.
    Can you write how many seconds you press butons.

  • Hello Anonymous..,
    what version your galaxy mini..??? froyo or gingerbread ?

  • ok, I have tried everything, I still can't get my Samsung GT-S5570 to take a snapshot of the screen. I know it does it though, because there are three in the screenshot folder. All of my 'Locked' wallpaper over the last three months. So please tell me what I am doing wrong!

  • LOL, just worked it out through trial and error. If you hold the centre button down too long it goes to task manager. AND you don't use the 'goback' button. What you have to do, is (quite quickly before the task manager comes up) Press and hold the Centre button, then press the side (power on/off) button. You will get a 'shutter' sound, a shaded border and a screenshot in your screenshot folder, et voila, I thank you :)

  • NRF! ! It works for aamsung galaxy gingerbread. Thanks! :)

  • haha works. thanks!

  • but when I want to capture a site in the internet, I press back button and it juz back to the previous page :(

  • yeah i got it .,wohooh my phone is galaxy mini S5570 froyo 2.2.1 and it works all u have to do is hold the back button then press home button then captured :-)

  • Helpful. ;)
    How can i upgrade my froyo to gingeebread?
    In samsung kies, it says "no available upgrade" something like that.รถ
    help pls? :)

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