How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3

Upgrade Samsung S5570 to Gingerbread 2.3.3

Samsung has released Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for it's Galaxy branded Android handsets.
Now i wan't to share the steps How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3.

Disclaimer : This tutorial guide is tested by my self, but if any faulty while upgrading process, it can damage your phone. So.., do it carefully and do it on your own risk.

preparation : 

  1. Please backup all of your personal data using Samsung Kies.
  2. Please confirm that the battery is fully charged.

Tools & Materials : 
  1. CA-101 usb data cable
  2. Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Gingerbread Firmware S5570XXKPF ( pass : )
  3. Download Odin 4.38 Multi Downloader
  4. Download Samsung Driver, skip if you have installed newest samsung pc studios.
  5. Download OPS file
  6. PC

Step By Steps :

**  Open Odin 4.38 software
**  Select OPS file ( TASS_v1.0.ops ) from S5570XXKPF folder
**  Load the file of Bootloader, Amss, PDA and CSC from S5570XXKPF folder.

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3

**  Put the phone into download mode by " Press and hold volume down + menu / home key, and power on the phone "

**  Connect phone to PC, and Com Port mapping change to yellow colour.

**  Click " Start " Button

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3

**  Wait until all process done / PASS
    How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Now Enjoy Android 2.33 Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570....,

    Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Firmware

    RegionFW  VersionDroid VersionDateHotfileFileserveFilesonicCSC
    S5570JPKQ8 2.3.4 Gingerbread 2011 SeptemberDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADCSC_S5570OJPKQ7

    How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3

    165 comments to "How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini to Gingerbread 2.3.3"

    • Great! Thanks a lot!

    • god! i will taste it

    • it is beta? or the official release?

    • Seems like Still Beta..,
      because not available yet on KIES

    • many games cnt be playd on gngrbread :/

      i wan2 go bk to froyo!!!!


    • Dear pulsarfreak...,

      Try update to version 2.3.4 of android gingerbread for galaxy mini, hopefully better than 2.3.3

      or you can downgrade it to Froyo again, just flash it using froyo Firmware.

      All Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Mini already added on this post..,

      good luck

    • does the 2.3.4 solves the battery bug of s5570? cause my battery drains too fast.

    • awsum dude thanks a lot!!

    • thanks for your advice

    • cant open the firmware file needs a key can you help?

    • Hello..,

      This is the passwords

      ## Password is
      # Password is

    • when i excract the downloaded S5570JPKC1 i find these files :

      the question is how do i upgrade my Galaxy Mini with those files ? coz i cant find the *.md5 files ?

    • Hello Angelosmael...,
      Try this :

      Follow all steps above..., just change steps no 3.
      * Tick one package on option area
      * Click One Package Button, then select S5570JPKC1_OJPKC1_JXKC1_HOME.tar

      Good luck...,

    • I updated to Android 2.3.3 and now have texting issues! I tried to send a text and it says PLEASE WAIT. but never sends!

    • Hello iPhone family...,
      Both of 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 already tested by my self and no problem with texting issues.

      you can try to perform hard reset first by pressing *2767*3855#

      good luck...,

    • 2.2 and 2.3 got any different?

    • Hello theng sun...,

      Android 2.3 provides faster speed, better battery life, and a refreshed user interface. It also introduces a new and improved keyboard with a more intelligent cut-and-paste system. last, fix wifi error issue...,

    • Hey,

      Has the official version of Android 2.3 released for Galaxy Mini?

      KIES doesn't seem to tell me about it.. just some firmware upgrade but nothing else..

    • Hi Admin

      Why after i upgarde my phone, icannot send anything by bluetooth

    • Hello Azman..,

      2.3.3 and 2.3.4 already tested by my self without any problem...,

      you can try to perform the hard reset / factory reset, *2767*3855#

      good luck

    • Hi,

      Does this roots the phone?


    • Hello...,
      No Sir..., upgrading doesn't root the phone.

      Follow this steps if you want to root it


    • after upgrading to 2.3 im not able to tether using my usb cable plsss help!

    • Hello Irfan...,

      Try to perform the hard reset..,
      you can try *2767*3855#

      or follow this steps


    • hye... pls pls help..

      quoting this;

      Hello Angelosmael...,
      Try this :

      Follow all steps above..., just change steps no 3.
      * Tick one package on option area
      * Click One Package Button, then select S5570JPKC1_OJPKC1_JXKC1_HOME.tar

      Good luck...,

      well i've done that, but when i pressed start, it said an unnamed file is not found..

      so what's the solution? thanx..

    • Hello Che'....,
      Don't extract the file.., keep S5570JPKC1_OJPKC1_JXKC1_HOME.tar


    • hye... figured it out.... my stupid mistake.... haha... thanx guys =D

    • i want to download apps for this phone plz tell me the website.....

    • Hello...,
      try this..,.


    • Does this work on KSA phones? n is it recommended to remove your SD card and Sim card before going to download mode?

    • Hi admin, if I upgrade my phone to 2.3 can I go back to froyo if ever I didnt like it? what disadvantage will it do to my phone? is upgrading to 2.3 will break my manufacturer's warranty? TIA


    • Hello Marc..,
      It's not tested yet on KSA phones..,
      but i think it will work properly as on my phone ( asia )

    • Hello Anonymous..,
      Yes of course you can, just flash again with froyo (2.2.1 ) firmware.
      Mmmh.., i think only rooting can break manufacturer's warranty.

    • hey admin, does the arabic or asian firmware has the english language and a working android market?

    • Hello mikebohsali...,
      Yes of course....,
      English is International language, so all version containing English language.

    • hey again, I just want to make sure if I get the android market, and the TASS_v1.0.ops isn't included in the 2.3.4

    • Hello! I downloaded the 2.3.4 android, but i cant install, because i have 4 md5 files, instead of ops,boot... please help me!

      oh and: very correct description, just i'm a stupid. :$

    • oh ok! i see! but i haven't OPS file!! what should i do?

    • Hello...,
      OPS file already added on Tools & Material section no 5..,

      Good luck..,

    • it didnt work to me..

      <1> --- cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5
      help pls

    • Hello...,
      Did you follow this step?
      ** Put the phone into download mode by " Press and hold volume down + menu / home key, and power on the phone "

      did you install the driver properly..??

    • yes i did.. im trying it now..
      <1> setup connection... <<< now this is the conformation :(

    • yes. i will try to download and re install all the drivers.. good luck to me.. thanks admin for very responsive actions. more power..

    • You are welcome...,

      and congratz....,

    • admin how long this will take after you click the start botton from odin?

      i got this conformation >>> <1> setup connection...

      its been 30mins. still >>> <1> setup connection...

    • Hello...,
      Can you send me Odin screen capture..??

      Or you stop the process, restart the pc and then try again.

      it should take at least 5 minutes until all process pass


    • Of course you can...,
      try 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 version...,

    • Can i play all games of froyo in gingerbread

    • Hello manish..,
      Yes you can.., it should be work on gingerbread to.

      But maybe some app / games didn't work and just wait for app / games update.

    • m going to upgrate my galaxy mini.but tell me this will not harm my phone??

    • No, if you follow the instruction carefully..,
      but read the diclaimer first..,

    • hey i have download the odin multi downloader.but this is showing odin multi downloader (android) rather than odin multi downloader (gt-s5770)

    • hey admin i have already samsung kies so i dont need to download usdb driver.m i right??

    • Hello...,
      It doesn't matter...,

      yes you're right..., you don't need to download and install the usb driver.

    • OK.where i will use the password ##

    • use

    • sir do you have a guide for brick galaxy mini.. after i rooted the phone.. and install some apllications my doesnt turn on now and even odin doesnt detect the port of the phone. pls help admin

    • Hello...,
      whether the phone still enter download mode..??

      If the phone can't enter download mode anymore, it mean need to repair dead boot via JTAG.
      but it can repaired only using JTAG box ( ORT JTAG or RIFF JTAG box )

    • where can i download ops file,boot file,phone file , csc

    • Hello Cloud...,
      You can download on the post above ( firmware sections )

      Ops file can downloaded on tools & materials section no 5.


    • Hey Cloud
      I have a Galaxy Mini S5570 and I have been looking for a Froyo 2.1 Stock firmware download all over since a week ago. Do you have any idea of where I can get it??

      Costa Rica

    • Are you mean froyo 2.2.1...???
      2.1 is Eclair....,

      Froyo 2.2.1 is available at post above.


    • Thank you ALOTTTTTTTTTT...

    • Mine also gets stuck at

      >>> <1> setup connection...

      I rebooted PC, phone and reloaded USB drivers but it always stops there

      Anything I can do to debug ?

    • Hello Mike..,
      are you follow all step above carefuly..??

    • ended up with foreign language??

    • Yes, that's Russian language..,
      just change to your prefered language

    • gud day admin! just want to know if gingerbread have flash support? i got asian mini. thnks

    • Yes - all steps very carefully - I was looking at tracing via wireshark but it is virtual serial port on XP over USB so problematic getting to it...

    • when i update to 2.3.4 stop working gps
      please help

    • Hello...,
      Try to perform the hard reset..,

    • my gps not working with 2.3.4

    • hello.. the pda version of my phone is s5570dxkg2 and i want to upgrade to 2.3 gb. should i use the asian firmware? btw im from philippines. TIA

    • Hi all, a very good tutorial and I managed to get my gingerbread 2.3.3 replaced my old froyo successfully.

      Just a minor question here, I am also going to upgrade to 2.3.4 asian region from the samfirmware website (S5570ZSKPB_S5570OZSKPB_S5570XXKPL) but has a single file, how do I am manage to run it with odin as it has few of selection in there.

    • Hello...,
      Try to upgrade using Asian 2.3.4 gb firmware.

    • Hello yazid...,
      To use a single file, follow this :
      1. Tick One Package on option area
      2. Click on one pacage button and select single file.

      Good luck...,

    • oh yes, thank you very much. I am not aware the one package need to be tick in the 1st place.

      Now running 2.3.4 from the said package successfully.

    • hello...
      im using a gingerbread asian version on my phone and i want to switch to european version.. can i upgrade directly to that or downgrade then upgrade??? tia

    • hello to all..
      im from philippines so can i use a european version of the android 2.3.4? thanks.

    • Hello yazid...,
      You're Welcome...,

    • Hello james..,
      You can upgrade it directly...,
      Good Luck..,

    • Hello Anonymous..,
      Yes You can...,
      tested on my own Galaxy Mini...,

    • oh thanks very much

    • thanks admin !!!

    • Hello Anonymous & James..,
      You're Welcome

    • is it safe to use european firmware in philippines samsung galaxy mini without any issues??

    • hello..
      do i really need to hard reset the phone after upgrading??? thanx

    • help im stuck in boot loop in my mini after updating to gb. what should i do?

    • Hello dax..,
      It tested by my own galaxy mini ( upgrade from south east asian region to Europe region ) without any issues, just follow the tutorial carefuly.

      Good luck

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      Yes it recommended to prevent any problem after upgrading.

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      Try to perform the hard reset....,

    • thanks...recovered now from boot loop.. whew. thanks so much admin

    • oh. ok thanks

    • Hello Anonymous & Dax...,
      You're welcome

    • thank you very much admin

    • Hello laviista...,
      You're welcome

    • sir.. is it okay to do this even if the s5570's battery isnt on fully charged. or 70%

    • Hello Edson..,
      It's Ok.., at least 50%

    • hello sir, im excited to do this, how long does the update take?

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      It can take 5 - 6 minutes...,

    • i got 4 md5 files. which one goes where? they all have long names. apboot goes on boot, csc on csc and the other two?

    • Hello Josro...,

      see below...,

      Boot ==> Apboot
      Phone ==> MODEM
      PDA ==> CODE
      CSC ==> CSC

      Good Luck

    • Can not update my Samsung mini 've tried all 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 gb but it is written (connection setup), and it happens no more. 've waited an hour?


    • Can u tell me how to unroot galaxy mini? Please


    • Hello Anonymous...,
      Unroot Galaxy Mini..,

      1. Download this file ( unroot file ) at

      2. Move the file to SD Card

      3. Go to recovery mode by pressing power on and Home button simultaneously.

      4. Move to Apply from SD Card. use volume up and down to move the option, use home button to confirm. ( touchscreen does't work in recovery mode )

      5. Choose the unroot file

      6. Reboot

      Good luck....,

    • hey admin
      i was thinking of getting a samsung galaxy mini soon :)
      but i was also thinking of the samsung dart,can it be updated to 2.3 as well?

    • Hello mega arceus3....,
      I can't found ROM ( either froyo or gingerbread ) for Samsung Dart..,

      so you better choose Samsung Galaxy Mini..,

    • great tutorial , the phone works good , and it is much faster with gingerbread, thx

    • I updated to 2.3.4 European version. How can I add a Finnish keyboard layout?

    • hey admin. i have a question.
      how can i openline my s5570 on my own?
      my phone can only use 1 sim network.
      THANKS A LOT! i will appreciate it if you will respond to my question :) btw, im grace.

    • Hello GraceCorpuz...,
      whether your phone is branded by any provider..??

    • yes my phone has only one network provider..

    • hi admin.. the os language is different.. i cant understand it.. how can i change it to english? pls reply asap!

    • Hello GraceCorpuz...,
      Yes.., the default language is maybe Russian,
      you can change the language on Setting - Locale & Text - Select language.

      good luck

    • help please!
      I upgraded my galaxy mini to gigerbread 2.3.3 but internet didn't worked. Then i got back froyo and internet worked well. at last I updated phone to gingerbraed 2.3.4 and internat disappeared again. please help! hard reset don't help, tried 3 times. I hate froyo and want damn gingerbread!
      sorry for bad english
      P.S. I'm from Lithuania.

    • Hello Max..,
      Try 2.3.5, now i'm using 2.3.5 and the internet working well..,

      good luck..,

    • I would like to know is all the applications installed in froyo remain exist in the upgraded gingerbread...and how I can make backup of my applications from my froyo...

    • Can not open the Usb port . Code 32 /Code 5 ???????????????? Need a solution ASAP ..SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Droidtech...,
      did you install the driver properly..??

    • Hello, my s5570 is suck in boot loop :(

      I can not enter the recovery (Power + Home)

      I can only access the download mode!

      Reflashing didn't work :(

      please help!

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      What causes your S5570 be stuck in boot loop..??

    • Hey, I wanted to upgrade to 2.3.3 :S

    • Hey, Can I remove the memory stick,sim card when upgrading?

    • Hey, mine is Android 2.2 Froyo will it work if I download that gingerbread and upgrade it?

    • what is the difference between 2.3.3 and 2.2.4

    • it said tat can't connect with the usb driver...><

    • After I succesfully upgrade it, will I still do the hard reset?

    • Hello Anonymous..,
      don't do anything when upgrading process...,

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      Make sure you have Kies installed on your PC..,

    • Hello Anonymous....,
      Yes it's recommended to do the hard reset after upgrading....,

    • how to do hard reset?

    • Hello Anonymous...,
      To do the hard reset..., follow this tutorial..,

    • [cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32]
      i alrd installed latest Kies,but stil nt working...

    • Thanks, I am now 2.3.4 S5570XXKPI Ginerbread

    • Hey this is my phone

      S5570XXKPI tjstyle@dev-PC #1

      Can I flash this one so that it will downgrade?

    • Hey, Where can I download latest version of cuz i got a problem with my market. I just force close it and rebooted phone/remove battery then when i go to applications, the market is gone. but in the application list there is market in there

    • It say's an unnamed file was not found

    • My phone keeps restarting If I use the asian version.

    • Help, I got stock at download mode.. can't on my mini and when I start my odin, it says [cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32]
      i alrd installed latest Kies

    • Hello Anonymous..,
      Use direct usb port, or try on another PC.

    • is this working?

    • why my phone cannot on after upgrade 2.3.5? hmm..plss help me

    • Hello Anonymous....,
      Are the upgrade process done without problem...???

    • Download Start...
      <0> Create File...
      <1> StartThread Detected : 1
      <2> StartThread Detected : 0
      <3> StartThread Detected : 0
      <4> StartThread Detected : 0
      <5> StartThread Detected : 0
      <6> StartThread Detected : 0
      <7> StartThread Detected : 0
      <8> StartThread Detected : 0
      <1> setup connection...
      <1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
      This is what it keeps telling me, and it won't finish.. What should I do?

    • I can't send messages...Help!

    • Hello Anonymous...,

      Try to do a hard reset...,

    • i can't get those 2 things on the right side to show up while i am in odin!!!! wtf??? the com 1 thing and the added!!! it keeps asking me to connect to phone and it is connected

    • com port mapping is still blank and messages where it says 'added' and 'detected' are not showing. but everything else is done. i tried to start but it said i need to connect the phone. help!!! i have been doing this for hours!

    • Hello frankcusa..,
      1. You must have samsung kies installed on your pc
      2. Make sure the phone in download mode
      3. Use direct usb port and don't use usb hub
      4. If the problem persist, use another PC

    • OMG ! I don't want that gingerbread anymore because it makes my phone slow so I decided to download the old android version. 2.21 froyo. After that my phone can't even on. Nothing on the screen. WHY !!!??

    • its been 20 mins now but i think it stopped on SYSTEM on the info bar above the Time and status bar. :(

    • I have updated my phone to android 2.3.4 and now I can't turn on the internet in the phone. Can I fix it some how?

    • my phone is stuck at a screen... uhmm... its a black screen with a cell phone - exclamation mark - computer. Wont do anything else.. tried to upgrade to 2.3 but wouldnt go any farther past the galaxy mini screen. soooo what do i do?

    • Hello playnex....,
      Did you tried to hard reset..???

    • Hey,
      when i reinstall it also smoothly? or chopped

    • Thanks that was working good
      and i search this things 10 days ago and i cant find it,,,, now i know.... thanks

    • why i cnt open the usb port?

    • Hello Anonymous..,
      1. Install Kies
      2. Restart PC
      3. Try direct usb port
      4. Try another PC

    • Great Admin Thank You so much.. This is really working.

    • Hi, I did flash my samsung i also want to decode it ! any solution !?

    • HI admin my phone in Canada is called samsung galaxy mini but it looks different from the ones on the internet but looks the same as the T-mobile Dart. so im wondering can i upgrade my phone? it says SGH-T499 handset

    • Hi Admin. can i root my gmini running S5570XXKS4 2.3.6 firmware ? thanks

    • Hello chucknorris..,
      Yes you can

    • Hi admin
      i have check all over the internet but i could not able to find ginerbread for samsung gal

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