Nokia X7-00 RM-707 Firmware Download

Nokia X7-00 RM-707 Firmware Download

Nokia X7-00 RM-707 Firmware Download

X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / AMS DOWNLOAD
X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / SEAP DOWNLOAD
X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / SWAP DOWNLOAD
X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / CHINA DOWNLOAD
X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / EURO DOWNLOAD
X7-00RM-707 v 021.013 / MEA DOWNLOAD

Nokia X7-00 RM-707 Firmware Download

6 comments to "Nokia X7-00 RM-707 Firmware Download"

  • Nokia is right when they refer to this device as a Mobile computer. I've been using it for almost a week and it surpasses all my expectations, and bear in mind that Nokia will be pushing updates to the OS to make it even better.

  • I have this phone today. But it displayed English. I want to display Chinese and input Chinese. I got Chinese Firmware from this site by now. Can anyone tell me how to install it?

  • Hello..., follow this tutorial

    Download phoenix from here

    just change the product & firmware..,

    good luck

  • Hi, just got X7-00.1 RM-659 Ver. used in Canada. H/ever, need Chinese display at least for reading email & text. Pls cfm all I have to do: is to install this firmware type RM707. In case I made mistake, anyway I can restore the original firmware? Assistance is much appreciated.

  • Hello Anonymous...,

    Nokia X7-00 RM-659 is branded to Rogers that used only in Canada. and there is no Chinese version for RM-659.

    Please don't try to install with RM-707 firmware, because it can damage phone security.

  • hey is there any other filesharing site where it is bcos uploaded is givin me probs

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